United Housing Connections – SEARCHlight

UHC-SEARCHlight is a program for the development of a Permanent Supportive Housing facility for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness because of mental illness. The full project involves both the building of the facility and the raising of resources needed to build.

As a new initiative, it is difficult to predict time commitments required. Time requirements are determined by the function and goals of individual teams and the responsibilities assumed by the individual. Each team will work under the direction of a team leader. Periodic group update meetings may be requested. The project is expected to end in the fall of 2021.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Fundraising Team is responsible for researching and writing grant requests; identifying prospective donors; contacting (email/phone) individuals; asking for support and stewarding prospects; thanking participants. Much of the work could be done from home. Some personal contact desired. Volunteers can choose the particular task that they prefer.

Hospitality Committee/Event Management Team plans ground breaking & fundraiser events. Plan and implement events; form Speakers Bureau/be a speaker; promote project at community events; follow-up thank you brigade. Volunteers can choose the particular task that they prefer.

Publicity team responsible for identifying and developing best means by which to create awareness and facilitate participation (contact media, utilize social media). Volunteers can choose the particular task that they prefer.

Other requirements of participation: Interest, passion, willingness, energy and commitment for helping address the needs of our homeless population. Fundraising related knowledge and skills are not necessary, but can be helpful.

Small Group Seminar Solicitation Team will assist in finding and setting up small group seminars (4 to 50 people) with groups such as Rotary Clubs, Retirement Complexes, Churches, Businesses, etc. Work can be done from home, and volunteers can choose to make the contacts that they prefer.    

PCE Coordinator: Jim Carroll