Triune Mercy Center

Triune Mercy Center

Triune Mercy Center is a nondenominational church which works alongside the parishioners (homeless and low income) and provides a variety of services.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Support Circle Member
Up to 6 Support Circles members support a leader who is trying to improve in some way—financially or otherwise. Participants commit to meet once a week for a year, meeting with leaders (about 2 hours, including dinner at the church; will not meet holidays).  Training Provided.

Computer Tutor
Helps parishioners at Triune in the computer lab with learning to use a computer.  Volunteer needs basic computer skills, patience and a desire to help people in need.  Hours: Wednesday, 9-11am or Sunday, 1to 3pm

Computer Room Assistant
Helps people who have little or no computer skills to navigate the computer to look for jobs, fill out applications on line etc. Volunteer needs basic computer skills, patience and a desire to help people in need. Hours: Wednesdays, 9-11am or Sunday, 1-3pm

Art Room Volunteer
Opens art room and puts out supplies for participants.  Organizes and stores supplies and closes art room at the end of the session. Art Room Volunteer provides general supervision. No art experience needed as participants can work independently.  Activities include painting, drawing, jewelry making, collages etc. Hours: Wednesdays, 9-11:30 am or Sunday, 1 – 4pm

Front Desk Volunteer
Sit at front desk and greet parishioners who want to get mail, see the case manager etc. Answer phones and direct calls to the appropriate person.

Hours: Monday- Thursday 9am to 1pm; Monday- Thursday 1 to 5pm or Saturday 9am-1pm.

PCE Coordinator:   Scott Withrow,, 864-380-8652

Updated 3/31/17