The Flower Brigade

The Flower Brigade Opportunities 4/24/18

The Flower Brigade is a volunteer organization that was started by Jean Blank in January, 2018, in an effort to address the social isolation and loneliness experienced by many senior citizens in Greenville County. Jean works closely with local institutions and organizations that serve seniors, including nursing homes, hospice, Meals on Wheels, churches etc. She recruits, organizes and manages the Flower Brigade volunteers who assist in various ways.

Flower Arranging Volunteers for Senior Facilities

Flower Brigade volunteers work as a team to assist a small group of residents in arranging donated flowers in vases for themselves and for other nursing home patients. This is done monthly (usually mid-afternoon) at the facility, and takes about 2 hours. Volunteers work under the direction of the activity director at the facility. Volunteers do not have to be present each month, but are encouraged to come as often as possible.

Flower Arranging Volunteers for Meals on Wheels Clients

Flower Brigade volunteers work as a team to take large donated bouquets apart to make smaller bouquets. This works well for a group such as a church group, OLLI group, civic group, and can be done at a mutually convenient location for the volunteers who are participating. This takes place once a month and is scheduled well in advance. Arranging the bouquets takes about 2 hours depending on the size of the group. The bouquets are then taken by a transport volunteer to a Meal on Wheels satellite pick-up location and given to the MOW volunteers to deliver to homebound clients, along with meals.

Activity Volunteer for Seniors

Flower Brigade volunteers can plan activities for residents in facilities. Activities may include arts and crafts (painting, jewelry making, greeting cards, vision boards), magic shows, bingo and other simple games. Children’s groups such as Girl Scouts or church groups may help the Flower Brigade volunteers by assisting with activities and interacting with residents. Volunteers can suggest ideas based on their own skills and the Flower Brigade Volunteer Coordinator will work with the activity director at the facility to put the activity on their schedule. This can be a one-time activity or ongoing.

Volunteer Gardeners at Senior Facilities

The Flower Brigade works with garden clubs, landscapers, plant nurseries, and other community members to enhance outdoor areas for residents to enjoy. Volunteers are needed to help plant and/or tend flowers and shrubs, and usually work as part of a team. The time can be flexible based on the volunteer’s availability.

Transport Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to pick up flowers from one location and deliver to another location. This can be flexible, depending on the volunteer’s availability. Time involved would be 1-2 hours.


EMAIL: JEANFBLANK@YAHOO.COM PHONE: 864-239-0110 OR 864-918-1317