The Flower Brigade

The Flower Brigade

The Flower Brigade was established December, 2017, by the Personal and Community Engagement Initiative (PCE) at OLLI at Furman. The purpose of this project is to alleviate feelings of loneliness and/or isolation felt by people who are experiencing difficult circumstances or who are living alone. This project involves personal visits and gifts of flowers.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Captain, Assisted Living Facility Visitation:

1) Keeps up with the schedule of visits as provided by the PCE Coordinator.
2) Sends reminder to volunteer team one week in advance of each monthly visit and confirms that they will attend (Can use phone, email and/or texting). Finds substitutes if needed.
3) Arranges for flowers to be picked up and delivered to the facility thirty minutes before volunteers arrive to distribute them.
4) Works with the volunteer coordinator at the facility to divide up the number of residents/rooms based on the number of volunteers visiting.

Total time should be 2-3 hours per month.

Friendly Visitor, Assisted Living Facility:

1) Arrives at the facility at the appointed time each month.
2) Presents a flower to each of the residents that are assigned to them (usually no more than 10)
3) Spends a few minutes talking with the residents.

Total time should not exceed one hour each month, unless volunteer chooses to spend additional time talking with residents.

Flower Brigade Vase Collector

1) Requests donations of bud vases and glass pint jars from friends, churches, thrift shops etc.
2) Removes labels from pint jars if needed.
3) Provides vases and jars to PCE Coordinator (Jean Blank) to store and use where needed.

This is an ongoing need and can be done at the volunteer’s convenience.

Social Service Agencies Distributor

1) Picks up surplus bouquets and plants from groceries and florists to be reworked and provided for various uses (hospice patients, residents in shelter, rehabilitation facilities, etc.)
2) Arranges flowers in pint jars or vases
3) Delivers flowers

Optional: This can be done as a team effort with one volunteer doing pickup, one volunteer arranging the flowers, and one volunteer delivering the flowers.

Does not have to be done on a regular schedule and depends on the availability of the flowers. Time involved: Pickup (1 hour); arranging flowers (2 hours); and flower delivery (1-2 hours)

PCE Coordinator: Jean Blank