The Flower Brigade

The Flower Brigade Opportunities 

The Flower Brigade is a volunteer organization that addresses the social isolation and loneliness experienced by senior citizens, by using flowers to make a connection. Seniors served include nursing home residents, homebound individuals, hospice patients, etc. Jean Blank recruits, organizes and manages the Flower Brigade volunteers.

Flower Arranging Volunteers:
Flower Brigade volunteers work as a team to assist nursing home residents in arranging flowers once a month. Time required is 1-2 hours.

Activity Volunteers:
Volunteers plan activities for residents in facilities. This may include arts and crafts, reading, games, etc.) Can be one-time or ongoing.

Friendly Visitors:
Volunteers are matched with nursing home residents based on common interests, and visit at their own convenience. There are no time requirements. No long term commitment is needed.

Volunteer Gardeners:
Volunteers are needed to help plant and/or tend flowers and shrubs, and usually work as part of a team. Hours can be flexible. No long term commitment is needed.

Entertainment Cart Volunteer
Roll a cart from room to room in a long term care senior facility and offer residents books, magazines, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, movies etc.
This will take 1-2 hours and can be done any time of day, Monday-Friday.
Preferably this would be done on a weekly basis, but it can be flexible, depending on volunteer’s availability.

Coordinator Jean Blank