Julie Valentine Center

Julie Valentine Center
The Julie Valentine Center is a nonprofit organization that provides free, confidential services to sexual assault and child abuse survivors and their families.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Office Assistant
Help with phone calls, mailings, newsletters, data entry and volunteer applications. Also may assist with various office projects and event planning. Volunteer as needed. You will be emailed to determine availability. No specific training (will learn during volunteer hours).

Must complete the Volunteer Advocacy Training Program, be at least 18 years of age, and pass a screening and criminal background check

Agency Representative

Volunteers will represent the Julie Valentine Center at health fairs, community fairs, volunteer fairs, and other venues. Volunteer on “as needed” basis and will be emailed to determine availability. Volunteers must complete a JVC training that includes but is not limited to agency information, active listening, and good speaking points.  Other requirements of participation: Complete interview and application (need a commitment of 6 months or 10 presentations).

Education Program Assistant

Volunteers will drop off educational materials to Greenville County Schools prior to the educational program beginning and return materials to JVC when completed. Volunteer at various times during the school year. No training required. Other requirements of participation: need own transportation, interview and application

PCE Coordinator:  Jane Chambers