Harvest Hope Food Bank

Harvest Hope
Harvest Hope provides for the needs of hungry people in our community by gathering and sharing quality food with dignity, compassion and education.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Intake Administration
The intake position involves direct engagement with people seeking food for themselves and their families, asking qualifying questions, providing information, and approving the food to be provided that day.

Food Distribution- Emergency Food Pantry
Food distribution involves gathering the food made available that day, placing it in boxes and shopping baskets, and bringing it directly to the person(s) in need. Not infrequently, this involves helping take out the food and placing it in a vehicle. It may also involve sorting, bagging and stocking produce and dry goods.

Product Rescue Volunteer
This position does not required direct engagement, but is an important role. It involves opening the boxes and bags from the donations of grocers, individuals, collective food drives, etc., making decisions as to acceptability (i.e., meeting government standards, condition, etc.) and organizing the food to be available for distribution. This takes place in a huge warehouse.

The following information applies to all of the above volunteer positions:
Time needed:  Monday – Friday, 9:30  a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m.  to 1:30. Volunteer can choose days and hours (at least one hour weekly is preferred)

Training Required: Attendance at a one hour orientation is required. Also, there is training specific to each position which requires a two-hour session followed by some “on-the-job” instruction. The training session is based on the volunteer’s availability.

Other requirements of participation:   It works best to make a commitment for certain days and hours if possible and to stick to that schedule.  However the staff would appreciate any amount of time a volunteer can provide.

PCE Coordinator:  Jim Carroll