Personal and Community Engagement

PCE Greenville Vision Statement:  Creating a more caring Greenville

 PCE Greenville Mission Statement:
To create opportunities for older adults to engage in meaningful community service, contributing to the improvement of the lives of others, their own lives and the quality of life of the Greater Greenville Community.

Our objectives include the following:

Educating older adults on the personal benefits of meaningful community engagement (which includes volunteer) on physical, mental, and emotional health.

Bring a very personal approach to make the volunteer process easy by providing information about various options, as well as coaching, assessment, and facilitating a smooth transition into the volunteer activity. Capitalizing on the skills, talents, and experience that this population possesses by providing a personal and thoughtful approach to matching adults with the optimal volunteer position.

In order to serve you best we have designed a questionnaire that will help us to understand your interests and needs. After you have answered these questions, we will be able to help you determine the steps needed in order for you to become meaningfully engaged.

If you have questions email us at

Please click here to fill out the questionnaire